Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

Tonight I went to Target to find some Triscuits. I had tried at Wal-Mart, but they only had the little bitty boxes for too much money, and I was hoping for a big box of flavored Triscuits for cheaper than the grocery store.

I got a shopping cart and headed for Target's food section, and on the way there, a woman was approaching me, her arms loaded down with about a dozen items. So I asked her if she needed a cart. She looked at me as though she wasn't quite sure what I was asking.

"I'm just here for Triscuits. You look like you could use a cart more than I can."

She hesitated, and then she started putting her stuff in the cart and thanked me, and I kept on going toward the food. Smiling. Because it felt good.

The Triscuits were regular flavor, but they had the big box for the little box price, so I grabbed one and went to the checkout, where the lady with my cart was. I got in line behind her and put my one box on the belt.

"Looks like you really did need that cart more than I did," I said.

She thanked me some more. And then she grabbed my box of Triscuits and put it with her items and said, "I'm buying this because you were so nice."

"You don't have to do that," I told her, and she said she wanted to.

I thanked her while the cashier scanned the box and put it in a separate bag and handed it to the lady, who gave it to me.

"Oh, wow!" I said.

And there was nothing left to do but leave the store. Smiling. Because it felt good.

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Tsofah said...


It DOES feel good to help someone else out, doesn't it? If I know you well enough, I would say her purchasing the Triscuts didn't feel nearly as good as helping her out did.

But, it WAS nice of her.