Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama Wins

"[Mitt Romney] and his team --and especially his remarkable and wonderful family-- sacrificed so much and worked so hard that is very difficult not to feel disillusioned with a country so unwilling to confront its deep problems and trust a virtuous man to lead it."

-- Hugh Hewitt

Normally I'm an optimist. I have a positive attitude, but on occasion that can get stripped away. This is one of those occasions.

In 2008, right after the election, I posted this. I just went back and reviewed it, and most of my predictions about the results of an Obama presidency have proven correct. And they're still trying to get the others accomplished.

The thing I don't appear to have mentioned, either in that post or any other one, was the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy for the end times. Do I think Obama is the Antichrist? No. But there was a moment during the campaign of 2008 when Obama said something in a speech that triggered an image in my mind. He indicated a desire to abandon America's support of Israel and to side with Israel's enemies, and I could see the forces of the world amassed around Israel to destroy her.

Until the election of Obama, America had always been a steadfast ally of Israel. According to End Times prophecy, there will come a time when Israel stands alone, without any allies, and that's when the world will come to attack and destroy her. As long as America is her ally, that time cannot come. But Obama is working on clearing a pathway to that time.

I'm not saying it will come during the next four years, or even the next forty, but the re-election of Barack Obama has made the path a wider, smoother one.

And his re-election has made the economy, energy independence, and all the rest a whole lot suckier.