Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The End of the World as We Know It

Obama has been elected. @#%&*@!

I don't feel fine. Not yet. Our country is totally screwed (pardon my language, Mom).

Supreme Court Justices who will ignore the Constitution and set destructive precedents that will affect us for a generation or more.

The systematic dismantling of our military, weakening our position as the leader of the free world and opening the door to the enemies of liberty to take control of more countries. Unopposed.

The attempted destruction of Israel by her enemies, followed by nothing more than finger-wagging and a stern scolding of the aggressors (perhaps while blaming Israel for provoking the attacks) from our fearless Obamessiah.

Abortion all the time for any reason.

Working to shut down political dissent. First target: Rush Limbaugh. Or will it be Fox News?

Higher taxes on anybody who pays taxes now, especially businesses. Leading to the complete tanking of the economy. Even the Great Depression II.

There's more, of course, because the Democrats will be able to rule the country without enough Republicans to stop them. Congress's approval ratings are lower than President Bush's, but those same disapproved of Congressional leaders will now be setting the agenda for our country, and Obama will rubber-stamp them, because he's more of a follower than a leader.

Better fill up your tank with gas now, while you can still afford it. You can bet there won't be any drilling for more.

I'd better stop now. Good thing I'm such a sunny optimist, or this could have been really depressing.

In spite of my dismal vision of our country's future, I know Who's in charge. God gave us free will, and we exercised it in the voting booth. Now He will work that to His purposes.

It's time to pray for our nation and pray hard. And then fight for our nation and fight hard. I'll know better what that means when the time comes.


Malott said...


I think we knew where this world was headed. Barry will just get us there a little faster, that's all.

@#%&*@? Absolutely!

But I've got your back. You've got your Church. And our future is not only secure... It's perfect.

Christina said...


You betcha!

I just can't watch the news (of any kind.) I didn't watch past the first few results that rolled in. I chose to not become more depressed.

We will fight and ultimately we will win, but not without a lot of losses first. A war is never won without casualties...

Tsofah said...

Hey Skye, Malott, and Christina?

The war is not lost....just the battle. The senate and house are not "filibuster proof". And remember, this is still the "honeymoon period" every president elect has. It's a fickle press which will not always support Obama.

G-d can use anyone. He used two different Persian kings to rebuild Jerusalem in the times of Ezra and Nehemiah! He used a young Israeli girl named Hadassah and her cousin Mordechai to save the Jews in Persia from extermination.

He used a murderous deposed prince to lead generations of Hebrews out of Egypt.

He used an Itinerant Preacher to sit with the worst of sinner and share the love of G-d. That same Person laid down His life for the rest of us.

And rose again.

The battle is over. Our warfare, however, is not carnal. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Instead of guns and knives we battle with votes and with prayer.