Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Star Lip Quiz

Photo credit: Wireimage

The entertainment section of the Los Angeles Times has a fun quiz: Decide which Hollywood stars have real lips or enhanced lips. They show a '"then" and "now" picture and let you vote.

What made it tough for me with some of the stars was that the "then" picture had the woman smiling. This made her lips look thin and made it harder to decide if "now" was fuller because of collagen or just because she wasn't smiling.


Malott said...

Couldn't you produce the same effect by slamming your face down on the kitchen countertop?

Swelling is surely cheaper than botox.

SkyePuppy said...


I think that's what she did. Her cheeks look too big, too.

The problem is, swelling only lasts for a while. Collagen is forever...

Bekah said...

I tried to get through the slides, but my computer at home is dial up and would NOT move quickly enough to suit me. But maybe today.