Thursday, November 06, 2008

Trashing Palin

Photo credit: Fox News

It was bad enough when the news media made its relentless attacks against Sarah Palin. That was to be expected for an industry that picked Barack Obama as its golden boy and took every opportunity to destroy anybody in Obama's way. They started with Hillary Clinton then moved on to McCain and slavered over the chance to dig up every speck of dust in Palin's life.

Now it's McCain's campaign staff trashing her. Tom Flannery's excellent column yesterday looked into the question of McCain blame.

The John McCain campaign didn't wait for Tuesday's decisive loss to start pinning the blame for the shellacking on Sarah Palin. It started weeks earlier with campaign operatives putting out the word that she was a "diva," saying she was difficult to work with and confirming reports of a rift with McCain. Not to mention the leaking of a $150,000 bill for clothing that Palin neither picked out nor paid for, but for which she was saddled with the entirety of the blame.

Talk about the "Straight Talk Express" going off the rails!

The media elites who have demonized and demeaned Palin in every way imaginable will surely run with the McCain campaign's spin and milk it for all it's worth. The storyline will likely lead the election postmortem coverage for quite some time to come. Before long, hardly anyone will remember how energized the Republican National Convention – and the Republican base nationally – was by the Palin selection, or how McCain emerged from that convention (thanks to her stunning performance) with a solid lead over Obama.

Then came the Wall Street financial crisis, and rather than side with the people – who abhorred the Washington bailout and opposed it with unbridled intensity – McCain instead made himself the public face of that bailout by suspending his campaign and rushing back to Washington to try to hammer out the deal. With that, his poll numbers collapsed.

McCain probably couldn't help himself. This is what he'd been doing his entire career – working with Washington liberals to push through horrendous legislation or reach arranged "compromises" favorable to the liberal agenda and then taking credit for being courageous enough to "do the right thing."

This time, McCain alienated not only conservatives across the country (as he had done repeatedly on a host of issues through the years – immigration, campaign finance reform, drilling, judges, etc.) but the vast majority of the voting public – and he never recovered from it. Hundreds of national opinion polls taken from that point forward showed Obama in the lead, often by double digits, as did most polls in the key swing states.

Flannery details multiple ways McCain hamstrung his own campaign, then he gives us this:

He also failed to answer the constant questions about Palin's supposed lack of experience. McCain should have been making the point that, however inexperienced she might be, she nevertheless has far more executive experience than Obama. As Newt Gingrich wrote earlier this week: "[I]t is revealing that no national network TV interviewer asked Gov. Sarah Palin about her experiences as governor; her experience writing an $11 billion state budget; her experience leading the 29,000 employees of the Alaskan state government; her experience negotiating a big deal with ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and the rest of Big Oil; her success in giving the money from that negotiation to the people of Alaska as a $1,300 tax cut for every man, woman and child in the state; or her experience in negotiating a natural-gas pipeline that is the biggest civil-construction project in North America, and which three former governors failed to get done."

Perhaps they were just too busy asking her "gotcha" questions in an attempt to reduce her in the eyes of the American people and impress their fellow media elites with their usefulness to the Obama campaign they all so enthusiastically abetted.


To that end, expect Democrats and the media to make the case in the weeks ahead that the McCain campaign was done in by his decision to nominate such a woefully unqualified running mate. In short, Sarah-bashing will be raised to something of an art form as she is blamed for everything that went wrong.

Still, the fact remains that when all of the votes were tabulated last night, John McCain was left lying in a bed that he himself had made. And if he wants to know who cost him this election, all he has to do is look in the mirror.

Michelle Malkin also has an excellent post on The McCain Campaign's Classless Cowards.

The anonymous trashing of Sarah Palin by blabbermouth McCain aides who are leaking to Fox News is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Allah’s got the vid clip of a report citing unnamed McCain staffers accusing Palin of lacking, in Carl Cameron’s words, “knowledgeability.” More slime here. And here.

At least all the Hollywood and Manhattan Palin-haters were willing to sign their names and put their faces on their attacks.


Malott said...

I don't believe any of it... Because I choose not to.

I know two things about Sarah Palin: She was not ready for the campaign... At least she wasn't ready to be thrown to the wolves. And... She would have made a better president than Barack Obama, Joe Biden... And John McCain.

The people I work with can look back on the last 28 years and pick out instances that make me look hateful, lazy, ignorant, and immature.

But they see me as someone who is hard working and someone they can depend upon. When they look at the landscape of my life, they don't see me as a creep... Unless they want to.

I don't know the reason why the staff is doing this... They just must want to. Or maybe there is a book deal?

I'm disappointed that McCain isn't stepping forward to defend her. But when I remember his vindictive nature, I can imagine that he might need someone to blame. He knew she was more popular with conservatives, and that might have vexed him a bit.

But if Sarah wants to clear her name... All she has to do is come back... Prepared, and full of fire.

I hope she does it.

Tsofah said...

While Palin was not my choice for VP running mate for McCain, this trash talking is just annoying. Maybe the powers that be are afraid of the again growing conservative movement?

Regardless, only cowards hide behind anonymity when the only thing they are in danger of is being found to be liars.

Palin IS very inexperienced. I don't think McCain did himself OR her any favors by naming her as running mate.

Bryan Alexander said...

McCain always jumped to Obama's defense every time a McCain supporter trashed Obama. So why isn't he coming to Palin's defense now?

Palin was my choice for VP. I picked her as my first choice two months before McCain picked her. But I don't think the McCain campaign allowed her to be herself at first. It seemed like after the Gibson and Couric interviews, the campaign finally allowed her to just be herself, and from that point on, she was great.

McCain, his staffers, and the so-called moderate wing of the Republican Party need to remember that if not for Sarah Palin, the race wouldn't have been even as close as it was.

CG said...

I am a Republican so I needed to vote for McCain, but he constantly disappointed me during his campaign. I look forward to hearing more of Palin. She was the one bright spot in the campaign, whether or not she was qualified.