Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama Sells Guns

WorldNetDaily reported Thursday on the rise in gun sales since the election.

Gun sales have skyrocketed since Barack Obama was elected, and many gun owners say they are concerned the nation's next president and a Democratic-controlled Congress will impose a ban on assault rifles and firearm ownership.

From Nov. 3 to Nov. 9, the FBI reported 374,000 background checks on people purchasing guns – a 49 percent jump from last year. Dealers are reporting larger-than-usual sales since Election Day, according to the Chicago Tribune. The rush to buy weapons is more intense than in the days following Y2K and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Dallas, Texas, gun shop owner DeWayne Irwin said the election, combined with an unstable economy, triggered a firearms dash at his store.

"People are terrified of losing their right to protect themselves," Irwin told the Tribune. "The volume is 10 times what we ever expected. It started with assault rifles, but at this point people are buying ammunition, high-capacity magazines, Glocks – it's all flying off the shelf. With the economy the way it is, people are worried about instability. They are scared of civil unrest."

One of the newer advertisers on the talk radio station here is a gun shop in the San Diego area. Since the election, one of their ads has the gun shop manager saying he voted for Obama--not for President, but for Employee of the Month. "Gun Ban Obama, you see, has sold more guns in the last few months than all the Gun Exchange employees combined."

And I thought Obama was going to be bad for the economy...


Bekah said...

I had heard that gun sales were on the rise, but I had not heard the stats in relation to 9/11 and Y2K. That is very interesting to me.

janice said...

We purchased our first gun right after 9/11......and picked up our second gun a few days ago.

SkyePuppy said...


If I had some spare cash, I'd pick one up, too. I think I'd start with a shotgun for general purpose protection.

Although, I've already shown that I can hit a shaving cream can at about 50 ft with a .45.

Thanks for helping the economy!

Tsofah said...

With deer season underway, something like a rifle would be better suited to our needs. Since we don't have any such thing, we just count on our relatives to share their venison with us.

I've no desire for a gun, other than when I think of how it would be nice to hunt for food should the need arise. HOWEVER, I respect and will stand up for everyone to have the right to have such a weapon as our founding fathers saw the need.

If anyone tries to break into our home or attack us, we've such things as iron bars and baseball bats and martial arts training to discourage such.

Oh, yeah, that and the doberman/pincher mix.