Friday, November 07, 2008

First Dog Barney Bites Reporter

The Swamp reported yesterday on the latest news at the White House, complete with this video.

This reporter has no clue about dogs. The beginning of the video shows Barney turning away from the reporters, and at no time was his tail wagging. This was a Barney who wanted to be left alone. And when the clueless reporter stuck his hand in Barney's face, Barney let him have it.

To be fair, the reporter was a good sport about it, showing off his bandaged finger (treated by the White House physician, no less!) and discussing his treatment.

So now we know Barney is one more member of the Bush family that doesn't take any mistreatment from reporters.

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Tsofah said...

My rating on the report:

Thumbs down to a reporter who was stupid enough to put his hand ANYWHERE near a dog's mouth when that dog does not know him and is trying to avoid him.

Thumbs up to Barney for warning the reporte: (as Popeye used to say,) "I have stoods for all I can stands and I can stands no more". If Barney had wanted to do REAL harm, don't be fooled by his small size. He could have taken a big chunk out of that annoying reporter. As it is I'm amazed some liberal groups aren't calling for the destruction of the "Toto" lookalike.

Thanks, Barney, for showing restraint while defending yourself!
(That's one smart pup!)