Thursday, November 06, 2008

Historic Voting

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It occurred, to me as the media celebrated the opportunity people had to vote for the first time for a black person, that it's not so historic.

The first year I was able to vote in a presidential election was 1976. I was a liberal, looking in scorn on the one or two guys in one of my classes who favored what we libs called "Big Business." They were disgusting.

When I went to the polling booth, did I vote for Jimmy Carter? Not at all.

I wrote in, "Barbara Jordan (D-TX)."

My historic moment was 1976, when I voted for a black and a woman. Obama and Palin weren't historic at all.

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Tsofah said...


And why not vote in Alan Keyes all the numerous times he ran for POTUS? If Alan Keyes was too conservative for the Dems, then why not vote in Jesse Jackson?

I agree, this was NOT the first opportunity for America to vote in an African American president. The difference this time?

Ms. O. Her power and money put Obama in.