Friday, May 14, 2010

Hugh Hewitt's Powerful Influence

I listened to Hugh Hewitt's radio show tonight after work and caught about the last half hour of the movies with Emmett of the Unblinking Eye. Tonight's Top 10 movie list was the ten best movies having to do with tests or contests. The part of the show I heard was when listeners call in to offer their suggestions of movies that should have been on the list instead.

When someone called in to suggest No Time for Sergeants and Emmett had to explain to Hugh just which scene had the test, Hugh commented that he had never seen Emmett laugh that much about a movie.

The last time I saw that movie, I was probably in high school. I enjoyed it, especially the scene where Andy Griffith performs his duties as PLO.

So tonight, after my roomie got home, I asked her to add No Time for Sergeants to her Netflix instant queue. It's plenty old to be downloadable, after all.

For some reason, though, this movie is only available on DVD. And when she went to add it to her DVD queue, it said it has a "very long wait."

A very long wait? Since when was No Time for Sergeants as popular on Netflix as a newly released movie?

I'll tell you since when. Since Hugh saw Emmett laughing about that movie and mentioned it on national radio.

And people think conservative talk shows have no influence...

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