Monday, August 16, 2010

Zebras on the Loose

KGW News reported today about two zebras who got loose in Northern California. (Slideshow here.)

A pair of zebras on the way to Oregon got loose in traffic on a busy California road and it took hours to capture them.

The zebras were getting loaded into a horse trailer in Carmichael, Calif., a small suburb east of Sacramento, when two dogs apparently spooked them and sent them running in opposite directions. Much of the scramble was caught on camera.

Authorities said the zebras darted in and out of traffic and one of them was hit by a car but continued to run. Confused residents reported zebra sightings throughout the downtown area for next five hours.

Both were eventually caught and the animal that was struck by the car was checked over by a veterinarian and given a clear bill of health with just one superficial cut. The second zebra was found in the pool of an apartment complex.

Their owner, Michael Mastagni, was able to finally load the animals onto the trailer and transported his entire herd of seven zebras, including the two runaways, to the ranch in Bly, Ore., on Sunday.

I love that one of them found its way to a pool. It is summertime, after all...


Bekah said...

That swimming zebra is SMART!!!!!

Tsofah said...

Poor things...they must have been terrified. If I was scared and the weather was hot, you better believe I'd find a body of water to swim in! :)

Malott said...

Did the swimming zebra have floaties?