Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Before I begin, I must point out that behind me sits a highly admired President of the United States and decorated war hero while I, a cable television talk show host, have been chosen to stand here and impart wisdom. I pray I never witness a more damning example of what is wrong with America today."

--Conan O'Brien

Here's the background, courtesy of Scott Johnson at Power Line:

Dartmouth College awarded President Bush (41) an honorary degree at commencement over the weekend.... Harvard alum Conan O'Brien was Dartmouth's commencement speaker this year (the text and video of the commencement speech are posted here.) Bad things could be said about the choice of O'Brien, but I will say that he was a far better choice than Stephen Lewis, last year's commencement speaker. Lewis paid tribute to Dartmouth's president in fulsome terms that would have embarrassed an ordinary mortal. And O'Brien actually had something worthwhile to say.

Given O'Brien's preface to his speech, I might actually want to tune in to his show sometime (if I can figure out when he's on and what channel that is).

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Delta said...

Yeah, SP - O'Brien showed some class with that pre-emble.

I wish he had done so in the jokes on his show on NBC when President Bush was in office, though.