Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Quotes

There are times that movie quotes are exactly the right thing for the situation. Two movies come to mind:

Star Wars (the first one, and probably all of them)

"I have a bad feeling about this...."

Exactly. I have one of them.

Men In Black (the first one)

"Did you ever flashy-thing me?"

I think they may have.

Here's what happened:

Tonight at 7:45 pm, I pulled up to a major intersection where I needed to turn right. Just as I was almost at a stop, I saw the flashy light on the yellow-light traffic camera flash. I didn't notice anyone who was obviously violating any traffic laws, and I think I may have had the nose of my car slightly beyond the painted stripe where you're supposed to stop.

Now, before you go accusing me of doing a rolling California stop (which I don't do, even though there's a huge risk that I'll get rear-ended someday by someone who thinks I shouldn't have actually stopped at a STOP sign), let me point out that there were cars going across the intersection on their green light, so I couldn't go if I wanted to not get hit. I waited at the light until about five or six cars had gone by and there was a gap in traffic.

So I was stopped. For a good long time. But that doesn't mean the insidious traffic light camera people won't be sending me a ticket in the mail with my face in it. And how can I prove that I was stopped? I can't. All I have is the fast-food napkin that I grabbed so I could jot down the details of how I wasn't in violation of any laws. As if my notes on a napkin will have much pull in a court of law (or in front of some highly biased "third party" mediator at the City).

Dang! "Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!"


Bekah said...

Ick!!! Is it wrong of me to hope it gets lost in the mail?

SkyePuppy said...

Sadly, yes it is, though I appreciate the sentiment. I'd rather not have to face the consequences of non-payment.

Delta said...

B U M M E R. Maybe you can appeal it anyway????

Cool·leen said...

Mom, can we watch Galaxy Quest next time we have a movie night?