Friday, December 16, 2011


It's been said that learning English as a second language is very difficult. English borrowed grammar and spelling rules from all over the place, and most of it doesn't even make sense to those of us who grew up speaking it like a native. We just know when it's right, except of course for sometimes when we haven't got a clue.

Probably the language groups that have the most trouble with English are those in Asia. When people over there translate important information for English-speaking tourists, it can be a challenge, and some of those challenges are showcased at, one of websites I visit when I need a good chuckle. Here are just a few that have given me a giggle lately:

Danger warning:

Helpful information:

Menu clarification:

Restroom help:


Lakeside instructions:

Friendly people:

Be sure to look around, especially at the Popular Engrish link.

What favorite websites do you have?

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Delta Vines said...


Very funny! Not sure about the "herpes"...hmmm ;-/ ????? ;-)

I still enjoy "I Can Haz a Cheezburger" and "I Can Haz a Hot Dog" websites.