Sunday, January 01, 2012

An Inauspicious Beginning

This morning when I left for church, I put the key in the deadbolt on the outside of the door, locked the knob on the security screen door, pulled the door shut, and then shut the screen door. With my keys still in the deadbolt. Locked inside the screen door.

And this was not the first time I've done that.

All my keys are on the same key ring, so I couldn't go anywhere in my car. My roommate had already gone to her church an hour before, so I called her and left a message asking her to call me right away to let me know when she'd be home. But since I hadn't reached her, I called my daughter.

She was home and was happy to hang out with me. I sat outside reading my Nook until she arrived, and then we headed for the movie theater. On our way there, I got a call from my roommate, who hadn't listened to my message. She was worried, because she got home from church and found my keys in the door. I assured her I was fine.

My daughter and I went to see Mission Impossible VIII or whatever number they're on now. It was good (much better than Sherlock Holmes II), except I couldn't quite handle the window scene in Dubai.

After the movie, we went out for lunch and then stopped at home to pick up my keys so I could take them to Home Depot to get duplicates made of the two house keys (screen door, front door). Now that I've locked myself out twice, it's no longer a fluke but a pattern. And patterns must be addressed.

When I was finished getting the extra keys made and tested in the doors, I dropped them in a zippered spot in my purse. If I ever lock my keys in the door like that again, I'll be able to get them unlocked, since I never go anywhere without my purse. Problem solved!

But it's not the best start to the new year, because not only was my first real action of the year such a boneheaded one, I also missed church entirely. It's a good thing I don't believe in omens, or I'd be facing an absent-minded, heathen year. Instead, I see it as a sign that things will only get better.

Have a very happy 2012!


Delta Vines said...


Perhaps there IS meaning in your mishap? Perhaps this year is one where you will be on the go, yet grounded. Perhaps it will be a year of growing closer with your family. Perhaps it's reassurance that G-d will not strike you with lightening for missing church? Regardless, I'm positive He was probably having a good chuckle about the key issue. And smiling to see how you made lemon pie out of lemons! (SMILE)

SkyePuppy said...


Yes, I'm sure I'm a frequent source of amusement for our Creator. Goodness!

Thanks for the smile...

Cool·leen said...

Also, it was an AWESOME start to your year, because you got to spend the whole day with ME! <3 :)

Perspective, Mom... Sheesh.

SkyePuppy said...


You were the (as Delta calls it) lemon pie in my day!