Monday, June 04, 2012


I get spam email a couple times a day, which isn't bad considering the volume I got on my old email address many years ago. The spam I get now is easy to detect, because they use a bunch of Danish-looking characters and kooky accent marks in the titles. They think things like "viågra" or "hot støck tips" will get them past the spam detectors more easily. And I suppose those things do.

But today I got spammed in Norwegian. Not just Norwegian characters, but the whole thing was written in that language.

How do I know that's the language? Because it's signed by someone at ""

What's really cool is that I kind of understand what they're trying to get from me.

She starts off with, "Hei," which must mean, "Hi." Am I good, or what?

In the first sentence, there's this: "introdusere meg selv," and then she gives her name. It's a girl name.

The curious part is this sentence: "Jeg jobber som en SEO manager for Norwegian SEO." Did she forget halfway through that she's writing in Norwegian? That's quite a "jobber" to be a manager.

"Jeg gjennomfører en undersøkelse for en av mine partnere..." I'm pretty sure "Jeg" means "I," and OK maybe "for" is a Norwegian word too. And that at the end must mean, "my partner," and a little later she says, "interessante forslag." I don't know what a "forslag" is, but it's interesting, all right, because that comes right after she spells out my blog's web address.

And then later on she says, "Som en SEO ekspert driver jeg kvalitetssider som kan matche og hjelpe siden din til å få høyere rangering og trafikk." Well, that explains a lot. Their expert driver something, something, can match or help something, something rangering or traffic.

Yeah, I'm all over that mutual assist with generating more traffic for each others' websites, because we're practically sisters now. If I'm "interessert," I'll be sure to have her "sende deg mer informasjon."

Right after I delete her spam.