Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Patron Saint of Blogging

Hugh Hewitt has mentioned that there isn't yet a patron saint of blogging. He offered St. Augustine of Hippo as the obvious choice, because of his prolific writing (Confessions, City of God, etc.) He also likes St. Hugh of Lincoln, but that's just vanity.

Personally, after having listened to How the Irish Saved Civilization on tape, I like St. Columba. He was a bard, a miracle worker, and legend has it that he wrote 300 books. He is also the patron saint of bookbinders and poets. Through his and his fellow monks' work at the abbey of Iona in Ireland and beyond, Western Civilization's writings were preserved and spread throughout Europe during the Dark Ages, so that they were still available to help spur and inspire the Renaissance.

Aren't these the descriptions of bloggers? Bards, poets, miracle workers, people whose work has the potential to save civilization.

I give you St. Columba, the patron saint of blogging!


Joi said...

G. K. Chesterton should be the patron saint of blogging. Granted, he's not canonized (yet). But that's a minor technicality.

Jeff Miller said...

I vote for St. Jerome as detailed here

amos dettonville said...

i add my vote for columba - though aiden was in the running as well.

though i stumbled across this guy:

though, being a fan of palamas i might suggest him as well - he was a quiet man who only came out of his retreat to expose and debate controversy:

amos dettonville