Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Tree Danger

Fox 11 News reported yesterday about a woman who was bitten by a bat hiding in her Christmas tree. Here is the entire article:

A Nipomo [California] woman got bitten by a bat hiding in a Christmas tree delivered to her home.

Sheila Kearns received the tree Sunday from Holloway's Christmas Trees in Nipomo.

While decorating the tree that night, Kearns got two puncture wounds in her right wrist when she reached inside.

She thought she had been pricked by pine needles.

But Monday morning, Kearns noticed the bat hanging in her home and called the tree farm.

Animal control officers came to Kearns' house and picked up the bat.

Officers told Kearns to check herself for possible bites. When they saw the puncture wounds, they confirmed the woman had been bitten.

The San Luis Obispo County Health Department examined the bat Monday and confirmed it tested negative for rabies.

Kearns says doctors gave her a Tetanus shot and some antibiotics.

She seems to be taking the incident in stride.

Kearns says she's not upset and plans to continue buying trees from Holloway's for years to come.

There's a link to the news report, "Watch This Video," but the video sucks your internet session in and makes it hard to get back out. I think they want you to watch the rest of their broadcast, so view the video at your own peril.

As Christmas approaches and I start to think about a tree, stories like this one make me think twice. Maybe one of those fake, bendy-wire-branched, smell-free trees would be a good idea this year...

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