Friday, December 15, 2006

I Am Not Happy

Last month, the day before I left for the National Missionary Convention in Indianapolis, my nose started getting stuffy at lunchtime. I took a Sudafed, and all was well.

Until the next morning, when I got up to go to the airport. My cold had decided to become a chest cold and was affecting my voice. I didn't feel bad. I just didn't sound right. When I tried to talk to the missionaries in my normal voice, nothing happened. I had to talk and sing bass. It even carried over to my visit with the Indiana bloggers at the Cracker Barrel. One of the staff members at Malott's Blog even asked if that was my normal voice, because it must have sounded pretty awful (or like I'd had a sex-change operation in the past).

It wasn't until yesterday, an entire month since it began, that I was able to sing in the car and have the higher notes (never a problem with the lower notes) remain where they started. Imagine my joy: I could sing Silent Night or practice my one good Karaoke song, in case I was faced with an emergency Karaoke situation.

But today my nose is getting stuffy, and I'm out of Sudafeds in my Bag of Tricks that I bring to work, and I'm feeling the cold start to head for my throat. It's just not fair!

It's Christmastime, and I want to sing the Christmas carols. I am not happy.

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