Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I've arrived in Indianapolis, and it's raining. I like weather, because we don't get much of it in California, so the rain is refreshing.

The National Missionary Convention starts tomorrow night. I'm all signed up, and I have my meal tickets, which someone at my church recommended. She said they have speakers during the meals who tell stories about their experiences on the mission field, which is different from the speakers in the workshops. Workshops have more focused, formal messages to convey. I'm looking forward to it, though I still haven't decided which workshops I want to attend.

During the rainy day tomorrow, I plan on seeing some of the town. I still haven't decided what I want to see in town either. I'm not usually this indecisive, but I can go with the flow when I need to. The man I sat next to on the plane from Atlanta recommended Conner Prairie, a Living History Museum, but their website says they don't have much going on in November. Bummer.

Kokomo Update:

Sunday, after the Missionary Convention ends, I'll be driving up to Kokomo, hoping to meet with readers and fellow bloggers from the Greater Kokomo Area and beyond. We'll meet at:

Cracker Barrel, Kokomo, 2:00pm (ish)

So you know who to look for, here's a picture of me with some friends. Here's a picture of me dressed up nicely. Here's a picture of me with a gun. I won't have a gun. I may be browsing in the gift shop.

I hope to see you there. Until then, I may not be doing a lot of blogging...

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IndyChristian said...

Thanks for visiting with us in Indy, all the way from California!

[And regards to our friend Chris Malott up in Kokomo.]

Even as a Hoosier, I enjoyed your virtual tour here. Well done.

So well, even that we've included your blog in our feature of NMC today.

And as you return to CA, bid our friend Joe Walsh hello, at CaliforniaChristians.Net.