Friday, November 24, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction Movie Review

My friend and I went to the movies tonight. She wanted to see Deja Vu, and so do I. In spite of what People Magazine says, George Clooney is not the sexiest man alive. Denzel Washington is.

But our movie-going is often done using a form of triage. When a movie has been in the theaters for a while, we'll see that one first and wait to see the newer one later. That's what happened this time. We're saving Deja Vu for next week, and we went to see Stranger Than Fiction tonight. It turned out not to be the best choice.

My friend didn't like it. She dozed off sometimes, out of boredom not tiredness. But I thought it was cute. Not the "this is a really cute movie and you should see it" kind of cute. Just cute.

Will Ferrell is a tax man who starts hearing narration in his head, and the narration comes from Emma Thompson, who is an author writing a book about a fictional man who happens to be Will Ferrell's character, and at one point he hears her say he's going to die. The movie takes a more leisurely pace than, say, an action movie, because IRS agents tend not to be frantic people, but it held my interest.

The part I found most objectionable was how quickly a couple of the characters ended up in bed together. This violates morality and the notion of Romance, although it has become de rigeur in Hollywood. The same point can be made without bed, but I know I'm talking to a wall about this.

I liked the movie, because it had a fresh storyline. This hasn't been done a million times before. The plot had twists, and Will Ferrell was properly cast for his lost look. If you like Will Ferrell, or if you're looking for a diversion that won't be too taxing, this is a decent choice. Otherwise, save your money for something else.

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Skye said...

Funny, my friend and I had the same reaction to this movie. She hated it, even though she's a big Wil Ferrell fan. I liked it more than you but share the same criticisms of it. I normally don't like Wil Ferrell, because he's always doing slap-sticky comedies. I found him very endearing in this movie. I also enjoyed Emma Thompson's performance in this, as I have most of her roles.

I would recommend renting it.