Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frist Won't Run for President

MSNBC reported today that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has announced he will not be seeking the presidency in 2008.

In a written statement released today, Frist says, "In the Bible, God tells us for everything there is a season, and for me, for now, this season of being an elected official has come to a close. I do not intend to run for president in 2008."

In his written statment, Frist says, "I will take a sabbatical from public life. At this point a return to private life will allow me to return to my professional roots as a healer and to refocus my creative energies on innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges Americans face."

In the short term, Frist says he will resume "regular medical mission trips as a doctor around the world to serve those in poverty, in famine, and in civil war" and "continue to be a strong voice to fix what is broken in our health care system and to address the issues of clean water and public health globally. We will stay actively engaged in policy issues affecting the lives of Americans."

I particularly like the medical mission trips he plans to make. There are plenty of places around the world that need medical care, and Frist will be more able to help make the world a better place doing his missions than he would as a presidential candidate. Especially since he would lose the election.

Think of the money he's going to save by dropping out of public life. And the humiliation. As Majority Leader, the guy has been a softball. As President? Well, Nerf products come to mind.

Frist is a smart man. Much smarter than most of the other people seeking the high office in 2008.

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