Friday, November 10, 2006

Standing Up To CAIR

Janice over at You Heard It Here... has an excellent post today about a Congresswoman who wouldn't be cowed by CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations. Janice has subscribed to CAIR's daily Whine-O-Gram (her term, certainly not theirs) for some time and keeps us informed on all their latest shrieks of "hate-speech!" and worse.

Ginny Brown-Waite is more courageous than most companies, school districts and city councils. Ms. Brown-Waite stood up to CAIR. The controversy came after she refused to condemn a prominent Hernando County Republican, Mary Ann Hogan, who called Islam a "hateful, frightening religion."

CAIR sent a fax to Ms. Brown-Waite asking her to join her fellow republican "dhimmis" and condemn the Hogans. Using congressional letterhead, she wrote a 3 page response that will most certainly touch off more whining by the terrorist front group. It is worth reading.

I'll go Janice one farther. It is very much worth reading. Congresswoman Brown-Waite has some real... backbone.

I've just started reading Mark Steyn's new book, America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It (available autographed at full price here at Steyn's website, or for less but un-autographed at Amazon). I've only gone through the Prologue, and I'm into Chapter 1 now, but the message I'm taking from it so far is that we must fight. And we need to start that fight yesterday.

I'm not talking about the War in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm talking about the cultural war here at home. Dhimmitude is on its way, if we do nothing. It's already more than halfway there in the Netherlands and Denmark, and France and Spain are heading there at a full gallop. An example from the book (p. 38):

In Seville, King Ferdinand III is no longer patron saint of the annual fiesta because his splendid record in fighting for Spanish independence from the Moors was felt to be insensitive to Muslims.

We need more, not fewer, leaders like Rep. Brown-Waite; more, not fewer, bloggers like Janice giving us the low-down on what CAIR is up to. We need to become once more a nation that is confident in its own culture and its special place as leader of the dwindling Free World, even if we stand alone. If we become like Europe, we will die like Europe.

With the Democrats in control of Congress, our fight has become more difficult, but we must fight nonetheless.


janice said...

Thank you for the eloquent comments and blog reference Skye.

I most certainly agree we must start this fight yesterday. If we have any chance of retaining our values and culture, Americans have to start taking a stand. From resisting the demands to change school calendars to allowing witnesses to sworn in using a koran, the war will be won if we all take a stand.

jihadi tracker said...

Very well said Skye and Janice.

The threat is real and the American people need to wake from their "fat and happy" slumber, end the appeasement and start standing up for the values we all hold dear before we find ourselves worshiping in mosques and our women wearing burkas.