Friday, August 03, 2007

The Trip - Garnet Ghost Town

In California we went to Calico Ghost Town, an old mining town fixed up for tourists. This morning we visited Garnet Ghost Town, in Western Montana. It isn't fixed up at all. They keep it in a state of "arrested decay."

They mined gold, silver, and copper there in the very late 1800s and again, briefly, in the 1930s. In one area is the main town of Garnet, named for the garnets in the surrounding mountains. In another area is the remnants of the mining operations.

I loved the weathered wood, the precarious angles of some of the buildings, and the decay of objects long out of use. And I loved the setting. Here, without much comment, are some of my pictures.

A cabin that offers emergency shelter for stranded winter travelers (with a bit of the old one leaning next to it):

And a nearby outhouse without the house:

Homes on the hillside:


Moss on the wood:

Wild raspberries:

Mining Cars:

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