Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Listening to Amy Winehouse

It's just the one song.

I can't remember what the conversation was about last night, but someone said something that reminded me of La Shawn Barber's post back in March with a couple Amy Winehouse songs. This one really got hold of me, and I go back every month or two to listen again. Her voice reminds me of a quieter Shirley Bassey, strong and smooth.

I hadn't heard of Amy Winehouse before, except that I kept seeing articles in the Daily Mail about her going into and out of rehab, and it made me wonder who this woman was that the British press cared about her activities and the way the booze and drugs have given her bad skin. (The only music radio I listen to is Christian.) She won five Grammys, and having heard her, I can understand why.

Amy, please, clean yourself up! Better yet, come to Jesus and let Him clean you up. Then love won't be a losing game anymore.

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janice said...

She does have that Bassey-esque kinda sound. It's so sad to be such a mess, with or without talent.

Yes Amy, let the Lord help you...

Tsofah said...

And someone, PLEASE, give her a new hairdo, clean clothes, and, well, be a friend to her that won't get her in trouble.

Then again, I guess that's something she has to WANT to do isn't it?

Well, a true friend is always good to have.

Malott said...

Nice pipes.