Friday, July 11, 2008

Throw the Democrats Out

(HT: Hugh Hewitt)

This chart is sadly out of date by now. The cheapest Arco station near me has just dropped two cents to $4.359 from a high of $4.599 not too long ago. I haven't seen a "3" at the start of a gas price in way too long.

Bottom line: The Democrats want you to keep paying higher gas prices. The Republicans want to bring the gas prices down. If you have a gas tank that needs filling up once in a while, then let your vote reflect which side of the gas price question you're on.


Tsofah said...


Are you sure it's the Democrats who want to raise the gas prices? I mean, the Bush family has ownership of oil wells. (smile)

Personally, if they'd haul the dang speculators in and put a gag over their mouth, I think the prices would go down quickly.

But, Obama doesn't want to drill in the U.S., he wants us to talk to the folks in Saudi Arabia and Iran, and stay captive to their prices.

Thrown them all out and let ME be POTUS. I could fix all our problems, sure I could. I'd just line up some oil tankers near Iraq, and fill them up. That should repay the U.S. expenses for the first month we were in Iraq, ya think?

SkyePuppy said...


The speculators are able to do their speculating because our short-sighted Congress won't allow any drilling.

But if you want to be POTUS, I'd vote for you. You'd be better than either Obama or McCain.