Monday, September 15, 2008

Nightmare for Vegetarian Driver

Photo credit: AP

Der Spiegel reported Thursday on a traffic accident in Germany.

A vegetarian woman driving down a motorway in Germany was so traumatized at the sight of a truck loaded with pigs that she lost control of her vehicle and careered into another truck, which was also filled with pigs, police said.

"The woman found herself driving next to a large pig transport truck and the sight of the pitiful animals made her feel so sick that she jerked her steering wheel and started swerving," police in the western town of G├╝tersloh said in a statement released on Thursday.

"The result of her swerving was that the woman's van struck the side of another truck … which was also loaded with live pigs. The woman suffered little more than a fright but we were unable to ascertain anything about the state of the pig's health," police said.

Those vegetarians have such delicate constitutions that they should be protected from the world. There are harsh realities out there, one of which is that other people eat meat. Vegetarians who can't handle that shouldn't be out there driving.

I pity this woman and others like her for the trauma they'll face when moose-hunting Sarah Palin is sworn in as Vice President.


Malott said...

"was so traumatized at the sight of a truck loaded with pigs..."

I get that way when I'm out driving and I see an Obama bumper sticker... Though I've not yet swerved into a truckload of pigs.

janice said...

The sight of an Obama bumper sticker makes me sick. But I really feel nauseous when I see a Kerry/Edwards sticker still hanging around.

Malott said...


I feel your pain. When I see a Kerry/Edwards sticker I have a seizure and then soil myself.

Bekah said...

I loved this story - because it just makes me shake my head. It's probably what I would do if I drove by an asparagus truck.

Malott said...


Try it with cheese...