Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sleeping With Your Girlfriend

Frank Turek's column at TownHall yesterday had a great look at the state of religion in the minds of many people.

My friend David has a knack for cutting through the smokescreens people throw up when they’re trying to avoid making commitments, be they commitments to God or to other people. Last week, with one comment, he blew away all the smoke that a young agnostic was hiding behind. It was a demonstration of tremendous insight, and it required some courage to say.

For several weeks David was teaching through a series on Christian apologetics, which involves providing evidence for the truth of Christianity. In addition to the biblical mandate to provide such evidence, David thought it would be wise to do so because 75 percent of Christian youth stop attending church after age 18. Many of them abandon the church because they’re bombarded by secularism in college and they’ve never been taught any of the sound evidence that supports Christianity.

Last week, after David finished a presentation refuting the “new atheists”—Dawkins, Hitchens and the like—a young man approached him and said, “I once was a Christian, but now I’m an agnostic, and I don’t think you should be doing what you’re doing.”

“What do you mean?” David asked.

“I don’t think you should be giving arguments against atheists,” the young man said. “Jesus told us to love, and it’s not loving what you’re doing.”

David said, “No, that’s not right. Jesus came with both love and tuth. Love without truth is a swampy, borderless mess. Truth is necessary. In fact, it’s unloving to keep truth from people, especially if that truth has eternal consequences.”

The young man continued to argue with David, coming up with one objection to Christianity after another, and not stopping to listen to David's replies.

So after the kid fired off another objection, David decided to end the charade and cut right to the heart. He said, “You’re raising all of these objections because you’re sleeping with your girlfriend. Am I right?”

All the blood drained from the kid’s face. He was caught. He just stood there speechless. He was rejecting God because he didn’t like God’s morality, and he was disguising it with alleged intellectual objections.

How many people are out there hating God because He tells them they shouldn't be doing what they want to do? And how many of them hide behind intellectual theological arguments vaguely reminiscent of the woman at the well (John chapter 4)?

Christians, when you find yourselves engaging in this kind of fruitless exercise with someone, it might not be a bad idea to look at what's behind it.

I'm just saying...


ChuckL said...

Ooooh! I like. Thanks!

Jacob said...

And I suppose the reason you don't believe in Allah is because SECRETLY you're afraid of him and would rather hide your blasphemy by pretending He doesn't exist.

See how stupid the logic is there?

SkyePuppy said...


How did you know???

Jacob said...

But seriously, you get what I'm saying, right? It's just such an infuriating argument to make because it's essentially an excuse not to listen.

Atheist: there's no god and no reason other than fear to believe in an afterlife. Prove me wrong.

Theist: You have a girlfriend and engage in sexual intercourse, which God deplores except if you are married. Also, last night you ate shellfish.

Apart from that, it also indicates, to me at least, a very narcissistic faith.

SkyePuppy said...

But Jacob,

This was a kid who had been a Christian and is now an agnostic (not an atheist) and who is arguing from a perspective that places some value on Jesus and His teaching. There's a much more direct correlation with the kid and his faith than there would be with some random atheist who hates God and also happens to be sleeping with his girlfriend.

Jacob said...

It was a lame story and I bet he made it up. And think about it, if you were having a theological discussion and suddenly the person asked you about your sex life, of course you'd be a bit taken aback. Not that having sex with your consenting girlfriend is anything to be ashamed of, and if you think that it is then you're wrong.

Also, just to clear it up: there's no reason why an atheist or an agnostic can't place value on what Jesus taught. It's fairly obvious and universal, but love thy neighbour and do unto others makes pretty decent sense to me. On my Facebook page I'm a member of a group called "Atheists For Jesus", for instance.

And the words "hates god" is a bit of a stretch.