Friday, August 28, 2009

Quick Update (Updated Quickly)

I have successfully survived an entire week flying solo at my new job! I called my counterpart about a dozen times the first day, four times Monday, twice Tuesday, and only once Wednesday. Not too bad!

Yesterday afternoon was my job interview for a better-paying (but more demanding) job. I think it went well. They said they should get back to me today.

I worked at the shoe store for the final time last night, with the very high-strung girl I had a run-in with about a month ago. She was in high-stress mode when I got there, so I just stayed out of her way, and we both survived quite nicely.

This weekend I'll be away in the Sequoias. Gotta go get my car ready and start packing...

Update (4:00 pm):


It should pay noticeably better than my receptionist job. Much, much, MUCH better than the shoe store.

Life is good. God is even better!


Tsofah said...

Hope you get good news about the other job! Congrats on the week flying solo on the new one!

Enjoy the Sequoyah's and bring back photos.... :-D

Malott said...


janice said...

Congrats Skye!

I miss a week and I miss a lot....

ChuckL said...

Congratulations! And, as you adequatley express, God is good.