Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Next Weight Loss Target Reached

This morning I stepped on the bathroom scale, as I do many mornings, and for the first time since I started my weight loss program, I am at -30 pounds. Time for a celebration!!!

A friend and I had agreed to come back to the new French bakery in town (I had just discovered it) when we hit our next target and celebrate over tea and (for the target-hitter) a pastry. Unfortunately, my friend is up north doing some cat-sitting, so I had to go alone to the bakery today. This chocolate pyramid was my treat:

They have a bigger one, and that's what I planned to get, have it cut in half, eat half there at the bakery, and take the rest home for my nighttime treat. But the guy at the counter (his sister is the baker, trained under a genuine French pastry chef) suggested I buy the two mini-pyramids so I could have one there and take the other one home with me.

The outside is a hard chocolate coating, and inside is chocolate truffle. Oh. My. Goodness!

Of course, tomorrow my weight will probably pop up a pound, but that's OK. It'll be back down, because I'll be behaving again until my next target, which I haven't quite decided on. I'm within striking distance of the weight that I can both a) look good at, and b) maintain. Another 10 pounds might be too much, but it might good. I'll have to see when I start getting close.

One concern, though, is what to treat myself with when I get to the next goal. With each successive goal so far, my treats have become bigger and bigger. The first one was a piece of chocolate not even an inch square. The second one was a See's dark chocolate chip truffle. And now this one is two mini-pyramid truffles, with consumption separated by several hours. I think I'll need to scale back some for the last one.

One of the ramifications of this victory is that it's ruining the fit of my pants. I mentioned earlier about the new Levi's 529 jeans for curvy women that I bought after I'd lost almost 20 pounds. Well, they're getting droopy now, except when I first pull them out of the dryer. But the website where I bought them is now out of stock in my new size and won't be stocking them anymore. I'll have to go hunting, maybe Sears, maybe Penney's...

But I bought a new pair of slacks to wear to interviews when I don't want to wear a dress (my dresses still fit, because they have full skirts that don't care what size my hips are), and the slacks look nice on me, at least they did when I was plateaued at -28 for several weeks.

Life is definitely looking awfully good these last couple days!


Malott said...

"Life is definitely looking awfully good these last couple days!"

Congratulations on your personal achievement and your answered prayer.

Do good things come in threes?

Tsofah said...


Congrats Skye!

janice said...

That's 2, one more is just around the corner.

"Life is definitely looking awfully good these last couple days!"

Better knock on wood....we don't want to upset the good vibes.

Christina said...

"Do good things come in threes?"

Why yes, and I think the chocolate pyramids counted!

Congratulations on reaching yet another goal!

Bekah said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Good good job!!!!!!