Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pear-Shaped Perfection

Those of us with a pear shape (relatively small waist, compared to the hips) have always had trouble finding jeans that fit right. We try on a pair of Levi's 501 (or any other number) jeans, only to have the waistband stick out so far in the back that our cat or small dog could curl up back there and take a nap.

So we resort to buying relaxed fit because the hips are looser, but even so we need a belt to keep the waistband from sticking out. Not to mention that the waistband doesn't quite go high enough in the back to completely cover the top of our underwear (too much info, I know).

A couple weeks ago, when I was wandering around the mall after work at the shoe store, I stopped at Sears to look at jeans. I used to buy all my jeans at Mervyn's, but since they went out of business, I've been at loose ends to know who has a good enough selection of Levi's 550 (relaxed fit, stretch, boot cut). Sears had mostly their own brand, but they had a smattering of Levi's that the employee told me wasn't going to be replenished.

That's when I saw them: Levi's Curvy 529 jeans. I heard the sound of violins and a choir singing praise to God as I looked at the tags.

But they didn't have my size, and the singing faded away.

I found my size online and ordered them, and they arrived last night. The dark wash, like Stacy and Clinton say to buy. The catalog/online picture above doesn't do them justice. They don't look like anything special just hanging there disembodied.

I wore them to church today, and then I took my picture in my daughter's friend's long mirror. Here's what they look like on a real person. See how they fit my curves. And my waist! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

If you're a pear shape and you're still looking for that perfect pair of jeans, look no further. Levi Strauss has finally woken up to the fact that you exist, and he has created perfection.


Bekah said...

Oh that is great! I HATE shopping for jeans and haven't done it in quite some time. But those look great - and hey, if Stacey and Clinton would approve - even better, right?? :)

Charlie said...

Men's lives are so simple by comparison. :)

Christina said...

A pair of jeans that actually fit are a rare thing indeed!

I'm a fan of maternity pants. They actually look like they fit.
However, although they look better and feel pretty comfy, my current pair will not, under any circumstances, stay up where they belong.

And so, for me, the search continues.

Tsofah said...


How wonderful you were able to find jeans that fit! When I used to have a waistline, back in my BC days (that's "Before Child"), I used to purchase so many of my clothes from Sears. I don't remember what they were called, but they were Sears brand, and the waist was smaller than the hips and it was WONDERFUL! So, yes, I do appreciate your joyful exhuberance to find such jeans!


C.P. said...

I'm a pear too! I just looooove the gapped waist/tight thigh look! I have some Levi's too! My all-time favorite pear-shape-pleasing jeans are Silver brand. You can find them online. I wear the Suki style because it's not a super low rise, but still fashionable. I'm not big on the panties out the back look. Thanks for being a pear and proud!