Thursday, April 09, 2009

Working at the Shoe Store

We've got two people on vacation this week and next at the shoe store, so I'm working a lot. Not much blogging time.

These are my favorite pair of shoes that we have available. They look like a girl should put on a swirly dress, take Fred Astaire's hand, and hit the dance floor.

I'll be making sure they're properly displayed (and all the other shoes are too). See you back here when I get a chance to come up for air.


Malott said...

The Ankle-Breaker Collection.

SkyePuppy said...


You're such a guy...

Malott said...


I'm sure you meant that as a compliment.

Christina said...

I actually must be part guy too, but I really would break my ankle in those (but I do think they're cute!).

Of course, maybe I'm not so much part guy as mostly clumsy!

Jacob said...

Minus the weird bow thingy and you've got a decent pair of shoes. Looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would have worn once in 2003.

Malott - you big faggot, we all know you want a pair. Rofl.