Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting Watery

My daughter moved out today to rent a room in one of her friends' parents' house, and I only came to tears about 5 or 6 times.

The first was after she and her friends had left to take all the heavy stuff to her new place. The second was when she came back home from that trip and asked me if I'd cried yet.

I was fine again until I got to work and my manager asked how my day was going. My eyes watered up, and I couldn't even talk to let her know why. But I recovered and went out to help customers for five hours.

It happened again when I got off work and came home to a too-quiet house.

It's not like this is a surprise. I had told her she needed to go, because I have to try to sell my house. I can't afford to keep it anymore without a better-paying job than part time at a shoe store.

I'll be moving in with my friend the cardiac nurse, who has an extra bedroom and is excited about getting some company (though we probably won't see each other much during the week because of our schedules). And even though I love her dearly and I'm looking forward to being unburdened by this house, it doesn't take away the tears.

Penny's not the only one with an empty nest.


ChuckL said...

Perhaps misery loves company... or there can be some healing in sharing.

Our daughter (2nd of 2 children) graduates from college in about 3 weeks. Even though she has not lived at home, she has been close enough to visit frequently. And her job across the border in Illinois will not be all that far away.

But... she will be in the work world and not have that "luxurious" (by comparison) school schedule. And I, being a pastor, do not get to take off on weekend visits.

So, as happened with our son, our time together decreases, and we have been experiencing anticipatory grief.

Bekah said...

ohhh skyepuppy - big hugs to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Skye, I am counting on daughter spening a lot of time with us.
Love you my friend
Cardiac Nurse

Christina said...


I have absolutely no doubt that you will still see your daughter a lot. You raised your children well and they won't forget that.

In fact, it's possible that you will grow closer with a little space. I know that was the case with my family.

Still, I can't imagine that day someday....

Many hugs!

janice said...

Oh Skye, I know how you feel. And I completely understand the crying at the drop-of-a-hat. I still cry when Christopher leaves after visiting.

Tsofah said...


It looks like you are being hit with two reasons for grieving! Your daughter is moving away (doesn't sound too far); and you are moving out of your home.

All kids grow up and move out, logically. But I imagine I will have a lot of tears when mine is out and on his own.

Then there are the stressors of moving out of the place you've known as home for so many years. It IS wonderful that "Cardiac Nurse" has a place to share with you. I know you are grateful for it.

I also know it's not the same as your own home with your many memories. So, feel free to grieve over that part as well.

Then, look forward to a new start with a different roommate!