Friday, April 03, 2009

The Latest on the Grumpiness

My sunburn has faded a bit, so it's only pink on my forehead, the tops of my cheekbones, and especially my nose. I've been living with aloe vera (no makeup) on my face for two days, and now it feels like my nose is about to start peeling. Already.

Last night when I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from the school. They said there was an opening in the online coding class I wanted, and I should give them a call if I'm still interested. I called right away (after school hours) and left a message that emphatically said that, yes, I was interested and I'd sign up this morning when I came in for my Friday morning class.

I got to class this morning, only to realize that I'd left my permission slip at home on my dresser. And my schedule didn't allow me enough time to go home after class, come back and register, have lunch, and get to work at the shoe store on time.

Our instructor (who will be teaching the coding class) told us we'd have about an hour to an hour and a half to work on our final project, so I told her that I needed to go home and get my slip, and I'd be back within an hour. She told me not to. Then she proceeded to pull out a pad of permission slips and wrote one for me on the spot. So I went to the office and registered for my class. Thankfully, I did not see the woman I had the altercation with Wednesday night.

So now all is well with school, and I'll be typing up my recommendations for changing the registration process soon-ish (my boss at the shoe store told me she scheduled me to work over 30 hours next week, which will be good for my income, but it cuts into my productive time away from work).

Thank you, Tsofah, for your prayers!


Malott said...


Congrats. I hope you enjoy coding. I understand proper coding allows for timely billing and the avoidance of fines and lawsuits?

It's all Greek to me, but I know it's impotant!

Malott said...
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Malott said...


Perhaps a Freudian event relating to concerns about my blood pressure medicine.

SkyePuppy said...


Proper coding allows for a hefty salary for the coder (better than Front Office salaries).

Proper coding, coupled with timely billing, allows for quicker payment from the insurance companies. And that helps keep the practice afloat.

Malott said... those hefty salaries!

Tsofah said...


I'm glad things are working out! It does, indeed, sound like G-d has granted you favor - especially with your instructor!

He is just amazing, isn't He?