Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Screws Poland on 70th Anniversary

Today is the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Nazi and Soviet armies. And this is the day President Obama chose to announce the cancellation of the missile defense shield that was due to be placed in Poland.

The Obama administration will scrap the controversial missile defense shield program in Eastern Europe, a senior administration official confirmed to CNN Thursday.

Vice President Joe Biden earlier refused to confirm to CNN that the George W. Bush-era plan was being shelved.

But he did explain the logic of doing so, saying Iran -- a key concern for the United States -- was not a threat.

"I think we are fully capable and secure dealing with any present or future potential Iranian threat," he told CNN's Chris Lawrence in Baghdad, where he is on a brief trip.

"The whole purpose of this exercise we are undertaking is to diminish the prospect of the Iranians destabilizing that region in the world. I am less concerned -- much less concerned -- about the Iranian potential. They have no potential at this moment, they have no capacity to launch a missile at the United States of America," he said.

Biden said he is "deeply" involved in the review of the missile defense program.

Oh, that's comforting! Joe Biden vouches for Iran's intentions and capabilities. And he's never been wrong before.

More from CNN:

The Bush administration had cited the perceived nuclear threat from Iran as one of the key reasons it wanted to install the missile shield in eastern Europe.

The U.S. reversal is likely to please Russia, which had fiercely opposed the plans.

Yes, I bet it will! Dictator-for-life-in-the-making Vladimir Putin now has an open door to recreating the glory days of the Soviet Union and its Iron Curtain satellite states.

A U.S. delegation held high-level meetings Thursday in both Poland and the Czech Republic to discuss the missile defense system. While the outcome of the meetings wasn't clear, officials in both countries confirmed the system would be scrapped.

Czech Prime minister Jan Fischer said in a statement that U.S. President Barack Obama told him in a Wednesday phone call that the United States was shelving its plans. Fischer did not say what reason Obama gave him for reconsidering.

A spokeswoman at the Polish Ministry of Defense also said the program had been suspended.

"This is catastrophic for Poland," said the spokeswoman, who declined to be named in line with ministry policy.

So the tone-deaf, stone-hearted Barack Obama announced a catastrophe for Poland, one of our few loyal allies in the battle against evil in the world, on the 70th anniversary of its own catastrophic Day of Infamy. Who knows when or where the next slap in the face of liberty will take place? But rest assured, there will be more to come.

The only possible consolation to this is (as one Michelle Malkin commenter suggested) that it could cause Europe to finally have to start paying for its own defense, instead of relying on us. Heaven knows (and hopefully Europe is figuring it out too) Obama has made America completely unreliable for anything except support for terrorists and dictators.


Tsofah said...


Applause, applause for a truthful well written post! I thought of how Great Britian betrayed Poland to the Nazi's this morning when I first heard this news. Indead GMTA.

It seems that Israel is standing more and more alone as Iran builds it's cache of nuclear weapons. Whoever is advising the president is really naive when it comes to Ahmadinejad.

It looks like it is time to start building those fallout shelters again...sigh.

Malott said...


I can't see Europe spending any money to defend itself.

With Obama in the White House Russia will obviously be free to dominate Poland and her neighbors, whether that involves invasion or not.

Obama seems comfortable with that... comfortable with giving back all the gains that these poor countries have made in the last few years.

So much for rebuilding America's respect around the world.

And what did America get in return for Obama's capitulation?

SkyePuppy said...


In return, America got the joy of watching Vladimir Putin's glee, no doubt to be followed by more of Russia's sabre rattling and tank driving in its former satellites. What a delight it will be for us to watch!

rob fletcher said...

I do guess they want us bury alive? Or, what??? We need all the protection we can get due to the hate they have for us and our "Freedom"!!! Help!!!