Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Calendar Photos

September is here, and summer is promising to come to an end, except in Southern California, where it will remain hot for a while longer. When I was a kid in San Diego, summer vacation went from mid-June until mid-September, because those were the days before air-conditioned school rooms. June is heavily overcast and cool, and September is an oven-baked extension of August.

I didn't plan it this way on purpose, but my September calendar pictures have a way of taking the heat off the day.

The family calendar has lighthouses from the Oregon Coast, and you may remember two of the pictures from the trip with my mom.

My patterns calendar has one of my favorite photos, this one a prime example of broken patterns. I took the picture at the fish market in Washington, DC, during a photography workshop.

Happy September!

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Tsofah said...

Skye - you take some of the most interesting and really good photos!