Friday, October 23, 2009


This whole idea of having a job sure cuts into a person's free time!

Of course, the paychecks help keep that person off the streets, but still...

In the mornings over breakfast, I have a little time to poke around my favorite blogs or check the news sites to see what's happening, and then I have to leave for work. There's usually something that comes up, though, that reveals my lack of allowing enough time.

A couple days ago, I had all my stuff and was setting the alarm on my way out the door, when I realized I was still wearing my slippers. As cute as my slippers are, I had to put everything down and go get some real shoes, then start over with my out-the-door routine.

Another day I hadn't allowed enough time to brush my teeth, but as I told my children repeatedly when they were little (and as my now-adult daughter has told her friends), there's always time to brush your teeth. So I did, then grabbed my stuff, set the alarm, locked the doors, and when I was halfway to my car, I remembered that I needed earrings. Well, there is not always time when you're already late to go back for earrings.

At work, the internet filter blocks some websites. If you try to go to a shopping site, a warning pops up telling you that you have only one hour of online shopping time (one time an in-house newsletter had a link to a site where we could shop for gifts that acted as a fund-raiser for a group helping our underpriviledged clientele, and I got the pop-up). I don't know if that hour is over a day, a week, a month, or forever while you work there.

Another thing is that the filter/firewall refuses to acknowledge the potential work benefits of employees visiting any blogspot sites. Even at lunchtime! So my blog reading and updating times are limited to breakfast and after work.

And after work, I've still got some settling in to do. Plus other things, like fighting my parking ticket, which I finally did last night after I got back home from visiting Santa and the Missus. Yes, I'll be doggie-sitting again, starting Saturday, when Mr & Mrs Claus leave for a weeklong cruise, and that will cut down on my internet access even more.

In the meantime, I've got my shed up, two shelving units installed (once I went over to Home Depot and bought a rubber mallet) with much banging on metal. Good thing the next-door neighbor is hard of hearing! One more shelf to do, but I had Bible study and an AAPC meeting and other get-togethers to attend. Grocery shopping usually has to wait until things are desperate.

Oops! I'm out of time. Better go brush my teeth and hit the road...


janice said...

Yes, LOL, having a pesky job does cut into ones free time.

I am however, glad you have a job to keep you off the streets.

Tsofah said...

Although I miss your posts being as often as they once were...I'm SO glad you have the job! It's surely an extra special blessing.

Once you are more settled into the routine you might find a bit more time than you do right now. If not, then, I will be happy if you can let us know once a week that you are well! :-)

Cool·leen said...

Quit yer lolly-gaggin'!

Give me your bed. Tomorrow. Morning. Because we're in Irvine tomorrow afternoon. Don't forget. 3pm. BED!


Cool·leen said...

Oh. And I brushed my teeth this morning, and I've even mentioned your rule to coworkers because of one time I was a couple minutes late. "Why?" they asked. "Because I had to brush my teeth." They nodded in understanding.

Malott said...


Might I suggest rising 30 minutes earlier for, on-your-knees prayer, and flossing.

Yours truly,
Saint Christopher

Tsofah said...

Malott cracks me up!