Tuesday, June 15, 2010


President Obama gave a speech tonight (full text here) from the Oval Office, discussing the Gulf Oil Spill (GOS). It was infuriating.

Did you know he's been on top of this catastrophe from the get-go? And did you know he has Nobel Prize winners working on the problem? And did you know he's going to make BP pay?

Yes, it's true. Because President Obama said so.

And tomorrow he's going to finally meet with the CEO of BP, and Obama is going to boss him around some more, because if Obama doesn't tell him what to do, the BP CEO won't do more than twiddle his thumbs. It's sure a good thing our President has been on top of the GOS from the get-go.

One of Obama's decisions that concerns me, and not just for the reasons I've seen in the typical objections (killing jobs, driving up oil prices). In the last couple days I read something by an oil-drilling industry guy (darn! but I can't find it now - Found it!), and he says there are two things that are... problematic. The first is that the most dangerous part of the operation of a deep water oil rig is during the shut-down process. That's where things are most likely to go wrong. Normal oil extraction is the safest part. So Obama is going to put all the other deep water rigs at higher risk by shutting them down. Great idea.

The second concern is what will happen in six months, assuming the Administration gives the go-ahead to resume drilling. From a financial standpoint, the moment the oil rigs are shut down, the oil company stops making money from them. What does a company do with an unprofitable hunk of equipment? It sells it to a company that can use it somewhere else. Then, six months from now, when operational improvements have been determined, there aren't any rigs left to restart. And that means there aren't any jobs for the out-of-work oil drillers. And our gas prices go up, and more of our oil dependence is on foreign sources rather than our own. Great idea.

So naturally all the liberal commentators loved the speech, especially the part where Obama blamed President Bush (without actually mentioning his name) for being the real cause of the disaster, and the part where he promised that he'd replace oil with "clean energy jobs and industries" like China's. They liked those parts, right? Here's what Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews said on Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC:

For Matthews to bring up President Carter when he's talking about Obama means the Left is losing its love for their Leader. And my favorite Olbermann quote is, "It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days."

I posted this video back in January, but judging by MSNBC's harsh reaction to the President's speech, it looks like the sentiments of the video are only growing stronger.

And if this ominous assessment of what's happening under the ocean at the oil leak proves true, it'll be more than just the earth's crust imploding. President Obama is driving the Democrats' chances into the ground.

Photo source: Michelle Malkin


Tsofah said...


I didn't get to hear the speech. Obama is having all the oil rigs shut down in the gulf? Did I understand that right? Then where does he expect us to get feed for the horses that will have to pull our buggy's and take us all to work? Duh?????

The Pres needs a LOT of prayer.

SkyePuppy said...


He's not shutting down all the oil rigs, just the deep water rigs. The ones with the biggest risks.

And my horse and buggy are going to have problems eating grass off the concrete "yard" we have here at our house...

I'm keeping your son in prayer more than I am the Prez.

Tsofah said...


Ummm, CAN he order the deep water rigs to be shut down? I mean, does he have the juristiction to do so? What if the rigs are from other countries? (shaking head) It just seems like a bit of an over reaction. ??

Prayer and Prez: since we are to pray for those in authority...methinks that includes the Prez, right? (small smile)