Thursday, October 07, 2010

Obama Warns the Nation

The Hill reported yesterday that President Obama warned of the dire consequences we face if Republicans are elected.

President Obama warned Wednesday that his agenda will be stuck in gridlock for the next two years if Democrats lose control of the House.

“Unless we are able to maintain Democrats in the House and Senate, then we’re going to be stalled for two years or four years, and we’re going to start going backwards,” Obama said in remarks at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New Jersey, according to a pool report.

Gridlock and stalling are good. Going backwards is even better!

Obama said the struggling economy and high unemployment is hampering his party and giving the GOP momentum.

And that's a problem how...? Our country needs a shift in momentum to stop us from going even deeper into the tank than we've already gone in the last two years.

“Now when unemployment is still at 9.5, 9.6 percent that gives an enormous advantage to whoever is not in power because they can simply point at the status quo and regardless of causation say, ‘You know what? It’s the folks who are in power that are at fault,’” Obama said. “So that gives a natural momentum” to Republicans, he said.

I love that part about "regardless of causation." Just as President Obama can't quit smoking, he also can't quit his Blame-Bush addiction. Of course, I don't think he's really trying to quit.

Rather than taking this as a warning, I'm hoping it's a promise.

I can see November from my house...


Delta said...


I'm hoping it's a promise too! This is why "checks and balances" are good - to have all one party in power does not leave room for stopping, considering, praying. Instead, it gets fast forwarded into motion and then we are stuck.

I'm also praying that the democrats in the House that voted against "Obamacare" aren't tossed just because they are democrats.

Malott said...

I can see November from my house....

Love it!

SkyePuppy said...


That's not original to me. I swiped it from a sign that was photographed at one of the TEA Party rallies earlier this year.