Saturday, October 16, 2010

President Obama's Health Challenge

Vice President Joe Biden, who can always be relied on to blab things that shouldn't be known to the general public, has let slip the news of a serious challenge to President Obama's health:

If the president's brain is bigger than his skull, that means he's suffering from intracranial pressure, usually caused by a head injury. Based on the fact that President Obama's judgement has been very impaired (Obamacare, Cap & Tax, GM takeover, etc.), I suspect his injury was caused by beating his head against the wall so many times over Biden's gaffes, slips, foul-ups, and general oratory ineptitude. The frontal lobe is the portion of the brain that controls rational judgement and decision-making. It's just so sad.

Here's how Wikipedia describes the implications of the president's injuries:

An increase in pressure, most commonly due to head injury leading to intracranial hematoma or cerebral edema can crush brain tissue, shift brain structures, contribute to hydrocephalus, cause the brain to herniate, and restrict blood supply to the brain.

Goodness! It could even get worse.

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