Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Results (Updated)

I was hoping that California would finally wake up and smell the manure and get rid of it. But apparently not. State offices are going to a straight Democratic ticket with just under 50% of the precincts reporting.

If the results continue this way, we're so screwed.

Update (Wednesday):

They did, and we are.


Malott said...

It is so odd, considering the economic state of California and the nature of its problems, that the electorate goes right back to the failed policies that created the problems.

I don't think Brown can run California without a lot of monetary help from the federal government... And I can't see the Republican House going along with that.

Delta said...

Skye -

There is still hope. Just remember, Ronald Reagan came from California. :-)

Seriously, I pray for our whole country, still. Although I'm registered a republican, I do not think it is our government who will bring us out of this. I believe it will take the Lord Himself.

SkyePuppy said...


There are just too stinkin' many lefties in the Los Angeles-to-Northern California coastal region for the rest of us to overcome. The precinct map on Fox News last night showed California as a vast sea of red with only the mid-to-upper coast as blue, but that was enough to seal our fate.

SkyePuppy said...


Yes, you're right, but we have to fight for God and country until He comes. I wouldn't want Him to come and find me going along to get along.

Delta said...


I agree with you on not just sitting on our hands.

I'm just saying we do what we can but I also realize I have not "trust in horses or chariots" but trust in the Lord G-d. I really, really believe it is going to take our nation letting returning to Him in order to survive this mess. Thats just IMHO - but I'm right... chuckle.