Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vulcan Terrorist Attacks Portland

A Vulcan terrorist was caught Friday in an attempted attack on Portland's Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Disguising himself as a Somali native, the Vulcan took pains to cover the pointy tips of his ears, but he neglected to also disguise his eyebrows, a mistake that tipped off authorities to his true origins.

The attack didn't go through as planned due to undercover efforts by Romulans, who substituted a non-functioning detonator into the bomb-making supplies provided to the terrorist. The Obama administration has been unwilling to speculate as to a possible motive.


Delta said...


If I were a Vulcan I'd be insulted. ;-)

It's amazing how Islam in the U.S. is so peaceful and we still end up with home grown terrorists.

(She said tongue-in-cheek)

SkyePuppy said...

But Delta, did you SEE his eyebrows??? They positively scream, "I'm a Vulcan!"

Delta said...


Absolutely his eyebrows do! I told Hubby about your posting and he laughed in agreement with you.

But, Vulcan's are not violent OR emotional, or weren't until the latest Star Trek movie, sigh.

Terrorists, on the other hand...

well, Alpha Ceti 2 was a penal colony during the series, wasn't it??????