Wednesday, December 08, 2010

White House Wants To Hear From You

But only if you're 21 years old or YOUNGER.

Some commenter on some opinion column I was reading at lunchtime had a link to something on the White House website, and while I was reading it, I saw a headline over on the right. It said, "Your Chance to be Heard at the United Nations Security Council."

Cool! I like giving my opinion, so I followed the link and found this instead:

Are you 21 or younger? Keep reading.

Bummer! If I were more obedient, I would have stopped there. But I didn't.

The United States is setting the agenda for the United Nations Security Council during the month of December, and Ambassador Susan Rice wants to bring your voice into one of the world’s most important decision-making bodies. From December 2-14, you have a chance to call attention to an issue that you care about. What’s the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing your generation? Send your answer in a one-minute video or in written form to, keeping your submission to fewer than 250 words. If selected, your answer will become a topic of debate at an innovative Security Council event that will be hosted by Ambassador Rice and broadcast live on December 21 at

This is pretty annoying on its face. The US ambassador to the UN wants to know what incredibly immature people think. But they don't give a rip about the thoughts of people who have worked for a living or raised a family or built a business from scratch or grown the food that feeds the world. No, grown-ups don't matter to the movers and shakers in the Obama administration.

So they don't want my opinion? Fine. They can have my kids' opinions. Except that at 23 and 25, my kids are way too old!

It gets worse. If you listen to Rice's video, it says more than just what's written. Here's a transcript of the opening:

On December 21st, the US is going to lead an important event in the UN Security Council, and today I want to ask for your help and participation. As you know, the UN Security Council works to resolve conflicts and pursue global peace and security, and we always have a very full agenda. But this month we're doing something a little bit different. No matter who you are, no matter where in the world you're from, if you're 21 years old or younger, we want YOU to tell us what issue is most important to you. You have the greatest stake in the future, and your voices deserve to be heard. So the question I'm posing to you is this: What is the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing your generation? Tell the UN Security Council what issue YOU believe deserves more attention and explain why it's important.

The rest of the video gives information on how to submit your Important Issues for them to consider.

It hurts. The US wants to represent the entire world's youths, not just American youths. It wants to plumb the depths of minds that believe the most pressing issues are things such as, "Um... Like, I think iTunes downloads should be free. And, yeah, college should be free too. Yeah."

It's maddening to read stuff like this and have it confirmed that the adults left DC in January of 2009, and the perpetual adolescents are now in charge.

Get the US and our cash out of the UN, put Ambassador Rice on 99 weeks of unemployment, and send the entire United Nations packing for some third-world backwater where it belongs. Then maybe we can sell the UN building and use the proceeds to apply as a the first drop in the bucket towards paying down the national debt.

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Delta said...


Hopefully, in 2011, some adults will again be in Washington DC. I'm hoping Bobby Jindal will at least think about running for Prez in 2012 - but I know that is a pipe dream for now. Since Kasich was just elected governor in Ohio, I don't think it would be appropriate to ask him to run for Prez.

Btw, do you know why the UN building is here? So we can, at least in theory, keep a better eye on what our enemies (real or imagined) are doing.

Then again, it gives them more access to our country and say despicable things about it, eh?

Let's nominate Malott to run for least he'd be more entertaining! (chuckle)

In the meantime, I keep praying.