Friday, November 18, 2005

Deuce Four Returns Home

I was going to post about the whole Democrat/Republican Senate response to the war in Iraq, and what Congressman Murtha said about Iraq and our country's leadership, which revealed how completely unhinged Murtha is.

But then I grabbed a sandwich at one of the sandwich shop chains and went through an entire ordeal trying to get them to understand English, and I decided to post about that instead.

But while I was eating my sandwich, which dripped all over my hands so I couldn't type, I read Hugh Hewitt's site, which had a link to Michael Yon's post on the return of Deuce Four stateside, which settled the question of what my post should cover.

If you haven't read Michael Yon, you should. He's been embedded with the Army's Deuce Four unit and sending back dispatches from Mosul and the work this unit did there. His writing is vivid and conveys a profound respect and love for these men.

In today's post, Yon describes the return-home party, which included Bruce Willis as a guest. It's a good recap of who these soldiers are, and by extension who all of our soldiers are.

We are at war, and good men's lives are on the line. Take some time to read some of Michael Yon's other dispatches (linked on the right in his post) and get to know the caliber of men who are fighting to defend us and to help strengthen Iraq's fledgling liberty.


While you're reading about Iraq, don't miss Mohammed and Omar's blog, Iraq the Model, where they tell you what's going on from an Iraqi's perspective. And that perspective is in favor of what the US is doing in their country.

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