Monday, August 25, 2008

Bill Clinton's Pouting Ways

Swamp Politics reported today that former President Bill Clinton is most unhappy about the speech he's supposed to give at the Democratic National Convention.

Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly miffed that he's been given the assignment of selling Americans on Obama as a better commander-in-chief than Sen. John McCain, the all-but-official Republican presidential nominee.

Evidently, the former president would've preferred to have been given the chance to talk about domestic policy and the economy in order to trash-talk the Republicans who he sees as destroying the prosperity and trend towards growing economic equality that characterized his presidency.

Also, since Obama doesn't have much of a national-security or foreign policy track record, to speak of, what is Clinton supposed to speak of? That's a fairly challenging assignment.

Bill Clinton is to be given a microphone and a national audience, and they Just. Won't Let. Him. Talk. About. Himself. How it must grate!

Yes, it's the little things in life you treasure...

1 comment:

Tsofah said...

Seems to me that may be a very short speech.

Unless he just sticks to selling the Democratic party.

However, combining selling Obama AND not being able to talk about HIS presidency????

Yup, a very short speech indeed.