Friday, August 29, 2008

Peggy Noonan on Obama's Convention Speech

I just found this, because Michelle Malkin linked to something else and this was a teaser on the side. I don't watch MSNBC, so I didn't see it live.

Here's MSNBC's post-Obama speech analysis with conservative commentator Peggy Noonan. Some key quotes:

"Well, it was a bit of a flop-olini, to tell you the truth."

"Six months from now we're all going to remember the event.... We will not, I think, remember what he said."

"I'm actually putting a little edge on my criticism just to make up for the fact that on MSNBC last night, somebody said, quote, 'It wasn't a speech. It was a symphony.' I won't even name who said it. I'm here to balance that bit of fatuous suck-upping."

"My way of saying it would be, 'That was not a sissy speech.' Okay. It wasn't that kind of usual, 'Uhhh, the poor child born with two heads and no medical insurance, and they're using him as a bowling ball.' You know the terrible things they say."

"Everybody is sick in their world, I'm sorry. Everybody is an unhappy, unwed, single mother whose feet are exploding. And they don't exactly see the bright side of America, guys."

The reaction of Noonan's hosts is priceless. Watch it.

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