Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gag Me, Obama-Style

The San Francisco Chronicle published a sugary, syrupy, gag-inducing article today extoling the virtues of our valuable president.

On this Father's Day, the American public should proudly note that our president takes his personal role as father (and spouse) as seriously as he does his job as father of the country. The nation has become better acquainted with President Obama in his first five months of office, and we've learned that his value to our society goes far beyond his vision for ending the economic crisis, his passion for reducing our dependence on foreign oil and his efforts to woo foreign leaders. He also has spent hours wooing some key decision-makers closer to home, namely Sasha, Malia and Michelle, and invaluable lessons are to be learned from his example.

Here's a quick tutorial from Obama's playbook showing American fathers and husbands how it's done.

1. The president has dinner with his family most nights.

2. The president attends his daughters' parent-teacher conferences.

3. The president manages to exercise every day before work.

4. The president has read all of the Harry Potter books with his daughter Malia.

Wow! What a dad!

On the husband front, the SF Chronicle has these tidbits:

-- The president has a weekly date night with Michelle.

-- The president compliments Michelle in public and does not have to be begged to hit the dance floor. The president took many opportunities during his speeches on the campaign trail to praise Michelle. And who could deny he cut a rug at all those inauguration parties?

-- The president invited his mother-in-law to move in with his family. While there were ample incentives for Marian Robinson's move into the White House for all parties involved, proffering such an invitation could be the holy grail of a husband's commitment.

So, my question is: What did the Chronicle say about President Bush on his first Father's Day in office? Chances are it criticized him for spending too much time exercising and taking vacations and complimenting Laura.

Bush = Evil

Obama = Godliness

That's the Left-Wing creed.

I'm gonna go puke now...


janice said...

I almost threw-up from all that sugar, gag....

Tsofah said...

I feel like I should have a microphone and backup band and start singing:

"Now waaaiiiit a minute!" to be followed by:

"It makes me wanna shout, lift my hands up and shout..."

What about Jimmy's wife Rosalyn? She had her mother in law living in the White House with her! And brother Billy with his issues.

Let's see, it's hard to compare GW Bush to BH Obama in the raising the kids in the White House front. Maybe that's because GW was doing his family life during his terms as governor of Texas...something that BH did not have comparable experience in.

GW would stop the world for his daughters if needed. He was a father, a GOOD father, too.

As was Bill, when he took the time away from his other interests (like Monica and Gennifer and others).

As was GHW Bush. As was Ronnie (Reagan). Not sure about the almost was VP Edwards.

The Obama train will be derailed quickly with all this sugar on the track.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I do not believe this time next year, there will be many sappy articles about their Dear Leader. Before then I think we will begin to see the different media outlets hating themselves in the morning.

We have already had a couple departing the fold.