Monday, June 01, 2009

Words I Hate

Some days I can get a little cranky. Today is one of them, because I keep seeing a disgusting word in news articles. So I thought I'd do a bit of get-it-off-my-chest-ing.

These are words that set my teeth on edge:

Sustainable. This is code-speak by the Left for government-controlled (or environmental elitist-controlled) life. When you see it, it means somebody wants to tell you how you can and can't use your own property. Resist sustainability!

Puede. It's a Spanish word. You heard it during the illegal-immigration demonstrations a few years ago, when they chanted, "¡Si, se puede!" I just find it an unattractive word, like someone is spitting something distasteful out of his mouth. There are other Spanish words that sound nice, but since this post is about the words I hate, I won't tell you what the good ones are.

Healthful. This is a fake word. I'm sure somebody made it up several years ago to make their advertising health claims sound more professional than if they said, "healthy." I don't mind if I eat healthy foods. Spinach is a healthy food, and it's fabulous with mushrooms and feta cheese in a fritatta. Just don't tell me it's "healthful" or I might hurl. And that wouldn't be healthful in the least.

I'm sure there are more words I hate, and I'd think of them if I just marinated in my crankified state a little longer. But I have to get ready for work now, and I need to be cheerful...


Christina said...

Can I add a couple of words?

"Green" : referring to green jobs, green products, etc... It's much like "sustainable" for me.

"Nationalized": Read: take away your freedom.

"Empathy and Diversity" : I think you know why!

Thanks...that was fun!

SkyePuppy said...


Those are great hateable words!

At the shoe store, they started carrying a brand of "green" shoes. I have to make myself speak positively about them to the customers: "This brand is earth-friendly, and they're made with a lot of recycled materials." Some of the customers actually like that idea... Ugh!

janice said...

The one I can't stand is "investing", as in the government is investing in the fill-in-the-blank. All is means is my money going for something I'll never use.

Another fav of mine is President Obama, oh...that's two words.

Malott said...

I hate the words hormonal, menopausal, and hot flash... They are sexist and exclusive... They make me want to puede on the street.

I hate the word onomatopoeia, because it should have something to do with urinating alone onto a mat... And yet it doesn't.

Tsofah said...

I hate the word homophobe. Especially when I'm accused of being afraid of gays. Duh. What's there to be afraid of?

Especially when most of the world is heterophobic. But, it is not politically correct (that's a two worder that I hate) to be heterophobic.

You just can't say homosexual acts are sin.

So, you can't do what Jesus would do. Care for the person, but still call sin a sin.

Sigh. I hate other phrases such as "mother earth" and "eco-friendly" and "burning-your-trash-will-pollute-the-air-so-you-have-to-have-all-your-trash-dumped-in-a-great-big-dump-that-we-will-stack-into-a-large-hill-shaped-mound-and-pour-dirt-over-it-and-make-people-think-it's-a-hill". Uh huh. Eco-friendly my eye!

That is oxymoronic logic. (One of my more favorite words). It's something Pres. Obama is well acquantic with.

<---joining Skye in the "grouchy" section.

Bekah said...

My least favorite words as of late are "dialogue" and "connect." I've learned that many people (in my age group) at least use these. "I'd like to dialogue with you." Really? Can't we just talk? "We haven't had a chance to connect." Um...are we dots??

There's nothing wrong with the words, of course. They just grate on my nerves.

Oh and after my time on the phone with troubleshooting this week, I also hate the uber-cheerful "Your call is important to us, but we are experiencing a high volume of calls." BLECH.

SkyePuppy said...


On the subject of phones, I hate the "Please listen carefully, as our menu has changed." Either it's my first time and I don't care that their menu changed, or their menu hasn't changed in two years but they keep saying it has. Stupid phone systems...

Bekah said...

AMEN. and they ALL say that. are there professional menu changers out there???

CG said...

I hate the word "Asian." Russians are from Asia but they're not Asians. People from India are from Asia but they're not Asians. Middle Easterners are from Asia but they're not Asians. What's the deal?
PS. Hi Pupster!

SkyePuppy said...


The Brits call people from India "Asians," but of course we don't.

Great to hear from you! Hope you're doing well!!!