Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July Calendar Photos

It's July already. Where did the time go?

The family calendar photo is from Gettysburg. Without the squirrel, the picture would be nice but boring. Gotta love those squirrels.

My patterns calendar photo for July is my favorite. I was at a photography workshop in Washington DC, and we had just finished up an outing to Foggy Bottom and were going to the Metro station. Some workers had one of the escalators dismantled for maintenance, and they had placed the wheels to the side in nice rows, surrounded by bright orange strappy fencing. As I walked by, I spotted the wheels, stopped for just a second to snap a picture, asked a worker what they were, and then joined our group down a working escalator and back to the hotel.

When it was time to review our pictures, I was the only person who had a shot of the wheels. Not even the instructors had noticed them. And the art-photography instructor especially loved the photo.

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