Friday, July 03, 2009

Unemployment Chart

A manager in the department I worked in when I was in my early twenties had a sign on the outside of his cubicle: "There's Theory, Then There's Reality."

That's the perfect sign for the times we're in, as we're led by theory-relying Democrats determined to pursue policies that have no foundation in reality.

Geoff at Innocent Bystanders (HT: Power Line) has this chart showing Obama's theory vs. reality as it applies to unemployment and the stimulus program (click to enlarge):

The stimulus may be providing temporary improvements for people in the construction-related industry, but the net job loss is way beyond what was expected if we did nothing. Granted, what was expected by doing nothing was theory too, but economists were pretty good at predicting an untampered-with economy.

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janice said...

A local radio host had someone on (his name escapes me now) who broke Obama's whole "theory" down and quite frankly, scared me. If allowed to follow his course this country will not only return to the Carter days, but 10 times worse.

Great post, Skye.