Thursday, July 30, 2009

US Consulate in Jerusalem

Holy crap!

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line linked today to the home page of the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem.

It is almost entirely about the Palestinians. The only exception is the upper right corner, called, "Spotlight USA," which has a story about the Anatomy of a Jury Trial and a 40th anniversary commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Every single news item, every single notification of available grants, every single aid and educational program is geared toward the Palestinians.

There. Is. No. Mention. Of. Israel. Or. Jews.

What does this tell you about Obama's Middle East policy?

It tells me that if Israel is depending on America for anything at all during the Obama administration, they're screwed!

(Pardon the language.)


Malott said...


Holy crap is right. I think your conclusion about the Obama administration is correct.

But reading the Old Testament, I figure it may be America that ends up being screwed.

SkyePuppy said...


Yes, you're right about us being screwed for abandoning Israel. I was speaking in the immediate sense, not in the (hopefully) long-term sense. Israel can no longer depend on us for anything.

janice said...

Well, that explains the anti-Obama demostrations in Jerusalem this week.......

janice said...

As far your language, Skye, I like to read/hear you get feisty!

Malott said...


You must not encourage Skyepuppy's profanity, lest she rise up and give utterance in the coarsest manner.

janice said...

I just thought of something, this obama admin is maintaining a separation of sorts, of Jerusalem from Israel.

US citizens born in Jerusalem CAN'T list Israel on the passport.

Tsofah said...


It's been this way during both Bush Administrations and the Clinton Administration as well. Obama is just too afraid to say "no" as often as the Bush's and Clinton did to the PA.

It's desperation that fuels these endeavors. Bad economy? Have hostages taken in Iran and can't rescue them? Get Israel to give up land and make a "peace deal" (as did Jimmuh).

Want to make you administration noteworthy? Push for peace (as did GWH Bush).

Want to erase legal investigations and adultery from the minds of the public? Really push for a peace deal between Arafat and Barak at Camp David just two weeks before you leave office (as did B Clinton)

Want to apologize and not seem like you are biased (and you aren't) against Muslims because mainstream Muslims hijacked planes and flew them into buildings on the mainland US? Declare war against "extremists". Then declare your push for a "Palestinian State". (as did GW Bush - the first US president to dare utter such a thing).

And we wonder why our nations security, economy, and weather is all screwed up? It's not about "Global Warming"! It's about going against the Biblical scriptures and against G-d.



You posted: "US citizens born in Jerusalem CAN'T list Israel on the passport."

You can thank the UN for that! They don't want to risk declaring Jerusalem belongs to any country.

However, the US and Israeli postal service recognize the address as "Jerusalem, Israel". ;-)

No wonder the UN building in Israel is located on "the hill of evil counsel".

ChuckL said...

"No wonder the UN building in Israel is located on "the hill of evil counsel"."

I didn't know that.

Tsofah said...


I wrote to the US Consulate General in Jerusalem asking questions. Their answer led me to phone the US State Dept this morning. I'm awaiting a return phone call from a gentleman there. I'm also emailing the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. Once I hear from them, I'll update on my blog. Not too happy with what I've heard so far.


Yes, ironically, the UN built it's building on what is traditionally known as "the hill of evil counsel" to the south of Jerusalem, near Haas Promenade.

I've been there while watching a firefight over Rachel's Tomb from the Fatah Tanzim as they fired into the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo from Beit Jala.

Israel needs it's friends to let the U.S. State Dept and the White House know their thoughts, feelings regarding Jerusalem, Israel, and the "two state solution"